Saturday, March 14, 2015

3 tips to maintain healthy living way

There's something in my mind recently. 
Imagine one day, your doctor told you that you are in high potential to get disease in young age due to generation genetic , what will you do to minimize it?
To be fit  and healthy? Everyone dream for it!
To reduce chances and risk to get potentially family genetic disease, few tips should be apply to have that kind of  "double protection" and "set-free" in your life circulation.

# 1 - Go for your doctor

Always go for body check-up and be aware about what signal your body trying to alert you.
There's one of the quite shocking info for me that skin allergic partly reflect your digestion system isn't and trying to talk to you with discharge toxic to your skin surface. Seeing skin specialist for long-term doesn't really help that much. 
Well, it's just my personal experience and my body condition.
If there's question in your mind, it means this is the time for you to catch up with your doctor with making appointment for your next body check-up.

# 2 - Understand what to do & not to do
There must be rules shows that to do or not to do.
What you should or shouldn't do, to eat or not to eat particular food might harm the situation.
Dragon-fruit in red are needed for those who have "thalassemia", it will helps to build more red blood cell in your body.
Vitamin B are needed for those who are in stress or always feel stressful.
There's just some of my opinions, always seeks for a doctor opinions.

# 3 - Exercise & healthy lifestyle

As being mentioned in previous post, work out and sweat-off obviously can't separate from our daily life. At least a walk from your office to somewhere far for lunch, even a walk or public transport to outside college area.. Just move and walk!
It would be better when become a morning person and always go for a jog or simple walk for at least 30 minutes for your health! Do it for your health.

And finally.....
not just knowing but more on actions, sustaining healthy life style and make it suit for you and adapt into your daily routine, talk about health concern or even a post in social media could helps in motivating to do more and sustaining. 
Go for your goals and live healthily! 

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