Friday, April 15, 2016

Live for yourself!

To keep away from negativity? How?

"This is life"
"This is how it suppose to be or use to be.."
"Just accept and try to avoid it.."
"You know that human with status are always correct.."

No, No, No and No.
Never allow others to go beyond your pride.

Live for yourself!
You have the human right to express and do what it's correct.
Don't shut yourself up just for those kind of 'survival' where you are unable-to-be-yourself.
This is just not you.
Never ignore what's in you.
Your passion, your dream, your personality.
Yet, nothing can pay or buy over your sincerity.

Human being are ugly sometimes,
if you don't work hard for what you want or your dream,
others will hire you for theirs.
This quote are quite common where everyone knows.
Actions speak louder than words.
What's your dream? What's in you? How are you going to make this happen?

Smart humans come with cheat tactics,
Brilliant humans come with sincerity.

It's all about the sincerity and heart.
You'll know when someone are not sincere,
things can't be sustain over longer period of times.
It's just like bubble,
nice to see, wonderful to chase, yet empty inside.
Be something more than just an empty bubble.

It apply in life,
people with fake mask ain't going to sustain for long duration,
just believe in God and do the best in your part.
Things will come to you when there's the time.

Always believe in your own path and faith.
God will know.

Never allow negative harsh ugly human being to shut you down.

❥♒ ♔ ░ ♥
Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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