Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blessed Kid

Time flies,
it's April now in year 2016!

My journey of 22 starting in completely exciting and bless!
That's the only thing for staying blessed,
is to appreciate and love.

Life are unpredictable, ups and downs.
But to be thankful and seeing goods in everything is gold!
That make you always motivated, blessed and lucky.

Quick flashback for my month of March,
that make me feel really really really really happy and thankful.

Able to participate back again in MATTA FAIR 2016, Kuala Lumpur.
I always wanted to meet new peoples and learn from good example in this huge industry fair,
where peoples come out with creative ideas and interaction between consumers.
I'd been so excited when the date get close!
And thanks God although I just manage to participate at the first day,
but the interaction and feedback of consumers are there.
Seeing them having fun through activity and smile on their face when I offer to took photo of them getting gift from us are priceless!
Human relation are great.

I flew to Macao on the second day of MATTA FAIR for media shooting trip.
And guess what,
this is my virgin first time visitation to Macao!
Can't hold me excitement back although I wish to be at MATTA FAIR for the whole period.

Thank God I'm surrounded by love and luck.
I'd being brought to Macao just to experience and better understanding of this love land.
To learn the process of visiting Macao as working trip experience.
Throughout the whole working atmosphere,
the media team are super great that I really love to work with them!
Receive love from my company, host, magazine team & production team.
Life is great!
I'm so lucky to be the production team favourite "chubby model".
And for people who knows me....
yeahh! I always wish to have someone chasing and non-stop snapping photo of me.
And, yess!
My dream come true.
Even the host and the production team have taken beautiful photos of me.
So amazing and lovely! I'm really really lucky.
Stay tuned for the outcome of them taking photo of the "chubby model".

Love from production team make me touch.
For them, as long as there's people with sincerely heart and passion;
they willing to lead and teach.
Like me, I'm just really lucky.
Where we still keep in touch after the trips,
we're like friends already.
They know that I'm a beginner and newbie for video editing,
they share their comments and useful editing skills for better view and improvement.
This is really my luck for few decades of life.
That able to know them, learn from them, and most touching is love and care from them.
Can't wait to see them again and again.

Don't forget to take 5 minutes to peacefully sit down and think of what happen for the whole month that make you feel really thankful and surrounded by love.
Stay blessed.

 ❥♒ ♔ ░ ♥
Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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