Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vacation, without troubling others

One of my new goals in my life ever since I started my tourism course.

Can you ever imagine before this,
vacation have nothing to do with me. Like nehh-who-cares.

Living for almost 20years in my life,
I'm really really proud of myself for my own ability to chase after what I really want.

The world are changing, same goes to the trend and behavior of human being in traveling.

We can see like people posting their vacation photo everyday.
It's fun and like it's common to travel around.

In my last year record for visiting thailand for three time (break my own record),
I can be like very proud with saying words of all of the travel expenses are on my own.
Pretty proud in my age of 20 and able to visit oversea within my ability.

For me,
vacation is without troubling others,
including your parents.

there are people out there in many way make traveling possible without barrier.

Rely on people beside than yourself for your travel expenses is just not a good things for me.

Everyone have financially troubles that stop your from doing something you want to.
You should work hard to achieve what you want or dream for,
instead of depending on someone else.

That's just not my type,
sometimes can't stand for people who rely or blindly do what others doing just because of that "trend".

Depending on EPF, boyfie for your vacation is just not me.
I would rather work extremely hard for that.

I don't feel envy for those depending on people for their travel expenses just to show off or anything. *nehh*
You wouldn't get my respect until you are able to support yourself.

just work hard for what you dream for friends!
Be independent, without troubling others


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