Friday, January 30, 2015


I'm an Aquarius baby in 20
going to turn into 21 in 20 days left.

Ever since I'm young,
I always love to have everyone gather up because of my big day.
Cause my birthday usually located in Chinese New Year,
as I'm a CNY Aquarius baby.

Time flies really fast,
as I'm living in the mother earth for 20 years already.
And I'm still,
sitting here and typing for my blog post.

This is just not the way I want or dream for,
well I'm the only one who hold the remote to control everything.

For living 20 year in my life,
changing from young kids to young adult.
It gave me more than just a time period but knowledge and thoughts.

I want to have something big and totally me happen in my life,
at least once.

No more honeymoon time for me wasting as a young adult playing games,
or even talking about relation-shits or gossiping about others.

Is a time to set my life goals,
and try my best always go after it and make it real.

I really really want that "wow" effect,
for myself.

I never try to go beyond my ability or try my limits,
so I'm just that ordinary me staying in my comfort zone,
with extremely slow growing speed.

this is just not me.

I want to make people who love me trust me, my family
Proud of me doing something awesome.

20 days left before Feb 18, 0218.
My lucky day.

I wish to spend all of my precious time with someone I love,
with people who understand my spirit.
You, perhaps?

Let's see how things might change or remain the same until my D day.


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