Saturday, January 31, 2015


“Single is not a status; it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.” — Unknown

I love these words so much,
even deeper how I felt after I read an article by Elite.

Yeah, for independent girls or so call young women like me,
I'm super proud of still being single and I'm definitely happy!

There's just something I would like to share and proud of it.
As mentioned in the article, it's obvious that single lady could be lonely but doesn't mean not happy after all.

Just something we should concern about,
beside than loneliness perhaps during night time wishing for conversation with someone,
or maybe when looking couple-tees and dream off someone else to wear it together etc.
I guess there's not much other for single lady to fall in love.

Just a princess dream of every young women.
Well, that's fact.

I'd successfully made lot of stuff with myself,
it doesn't sound sad but evidence of mature and independent.

I can go shopping alone, and really enjoy and communicate with the real me,
how or what did my heart tells me to do so.
I can drive myself to places I want to go so badly,
even just because of food or things I'm looking for.
There're much more successful evidence which, yeah I MADE IT

Single ladies out there,
stay chill and cheer up!
There're always the right one for you at the right time.

PEACE :) !

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