Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Say what you wanna say, do what you love to do

That candid smile on my cheek
thanks to official photographer of Score Fit Mob Festival,
got this best shoot of me.

Like I didn't even realize I look this way
when I'm enjoying dancing and smile.
It's all from the bottom of my heart,
feel it, express it.


Yesssssss! Just FOCUS!

Focus on what your heart tells you to,
say no to 'indicate'.

Too pathetic yet it now becoming the truth,
for what the others are doing where make those trend-follower feel like doing the same as others too.
They sacrifice their specialty.
Sad life.

Life are full of lies and tricks,
if you can't win-over your greediness;
Life are full of pathetic and negativity,
if you only tend to follow others back like a walking-dead zombie.

So what if you're right above?
You had lost your soul, sacrifice your inner soul.
Pathetic life ever.

Be true, be you.
God bless

"Get your favorite job that you're totally in love with,
so you don't have to work anymore..."

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Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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