Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tourism assignment purpose trip (Gua Tempurung) Day 2

(This photo a lil blur cause we're in the cave and my phone inside the water-proof case)

After a great night sleep in Kong Tsen's house,
we girls woke up around 6 am to wash up ourself while the guys are still in sweet dream.
We all in sports wear and prepare for the adventurous activity that are waiting for us today!

Breakfast in a really local and simple shop where people always have their breakfast here early in the morning. People here woke up very early like 7am to have their breakfast and start their day.
It's quite surprise for us who stick and use to Kuala Lumpur lifestyle that always woke up around 10 am or more.
A fine great sunny day!

Since we're Tunku Abdul Rahman University College,
as the main campus of TAR University located on the way that we're going to Gua Tempurung.
We decided to pay a visit.

 Awkward pose from Oscar to prove that we're finally here in TAR University main campus!

 Enjoy the natural view of lake just right beside the main entrance of TAR University.

 I can't believe even the hostel of TAR University hostel as well that beautiful, I mean compare to our TAR University College.

Gua Tempurung, here we come! 
We all sing and laugh and chat etc like crazy!
And Kong Tsen introduce the beauty and uniqueness of his home-town.
Good local tour guide award. Heeeeee...

The main purpose of our trip, Gua Tempurung after 2 hour from Kong Tsen's house to reach there.

I'm proud be to Malaysian seriously, there're so much nature beauty in my country.

(To be continue..)

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